Futsal is a variant of football that is mostly played indoors.  The name “futsal” is derived from the Spanish fútbol de salon and the Portuguese futebol de salão, which can be translated as hall football or indoor football.
The rules force player to show their creativity, improvisation, and technique to control the ball and passing in small spaces.
The rules of futsal are different from a regular football. Each team in futsal consists of five players, which one of them is the goalkeeper. The maximum number of substitutes for each team allowed is seven, with unlimited substitutions during the match. The ball used in futsal also different in its size and weight. The futsal ball is smaller and less bounce than a regular football. The ball shall have a circumference of not less than 62 cm and not more than 64 cm. The weight not less than 400 grams nor more than 440 grams and have a pressure equal to 0.4-0.6 atmospheres (400-600g/cm2) at sea level.

Futsal pitch is made up of wood or artificial material. The surface shall be flat, smooth and non-abrasive. The pitch’s length is in the range of 38-42 m and the width is in range 18-25 m. Click the picture below for detail.
futsal pitch
For more information about futsal rules, download Futsal Laws of the Game.

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