Ronaldinho showed his skill when he trained with his new club, Flamengo. He stand several feet behind the goal, and casually kick the ball and put the ball in front. The spin on the ball makes the ball bounce back into the goal. Take a look down to see the video.

It's usual when players scored a goal, they celebrate it. But what will happen if the celebration fail? See the video below to find out. <!--2ce98c2285fd4d5ebacd52a343b694af-->

Here's some unusual and weird goal celebration from various league in the world.

The biggest rivalries in the world exist between football clubs. A clash between supporters often happens when they meet in a game.
Virtually, every domestic league in the world has some rivalry, usually between local clubs or two strongest. Here some popular rivalries from various league.

Manchester United - Liverpool (England)
The rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool is one of the most significant rivalries in football, referred to as the North West derby. Both teams hail from the North West of England, and both are the most successful teams in England. The rivalry can be considered as a manifestation of one which already had existed between the two cities since industrial times. 
Detail: Wikipedia

Ewald Lienen (1981), a sliding tackle from a Werder Bremen defender slices open Lienen's thigh, to reveal the tissue and bone of the player's leg.

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