The biggest rivalries in the world exist between football clubs. A clash between supporters often happens when they meet in a game.
Virtually, every domestic league in the world has some rivalry, usually between local clubs or two strongest. Here some popular rivalries from various league.

Manchester United - Liverpool (England)
The rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool is one of the most significant rivalries in football, referred to as the North West derby. Both teams hail from the North West of England, and both are the most successful teams in England. The rivalry can be considered as a manifestation of one which already had existed between the two cities since industrial times. 
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Barcelona - Real Madrid (Spain)
The name used to describe the match between these two clubs is El Clásico (English: The Classic), also known as El derbi Español or El Clàssic. Both are the biggest and successful football teams in Spain. The rivalry is based on nationalist sentiments with Real Madrid and Barcelona representing Spanish nationalism and Catalan nationalism respectively.
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Inter Milan - AC Milan (Italy)
The rivalry of Inter and AC Milan has been occurred for 100 years. It is a hotly contested local derby and is one of the most followed derbies in football world. Both teams come from same city, Milan. Derby della Madonnina, or Milan Derby is the name for the match between these two teams. It is called "Derby della Madonnina" in honour of one of the main sights of the city of Milan, the statue of the Virgin Mary on the top of the Duomo, which is usually called "Madonnina".
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Boca Juniors - River Plate (Argentina) 
Superclásico is the name used to describe the match between this two Buenos Aires clubs. The Boca Juniors rivalry with River Plate isn’t a football rivalry so much as a form of all-out class warfare. Boca Juniors has been known as the club of Argentina's working class or the people's club, with many Boca fans coming from the local Italian immigrant community. Meanwhile, River Plate represent the upper-class. Boca fans are known as Xeneizes (Genoese), and River Plate, by contrast became known by nickname Los Millonarios (The Millionaires).
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Rangers - Celtic (Scotland)
This football clubs is based in the same city, Glasgow, Scotland. The Old Firm is a common collective name for Rangers and Celtic football association. Matches played between these two clubs are potentially explosive events. The rivalry between these two clubs has roots in more than just a simple sporting rivalry. It's infused with a series of complex disputes, sometimes centred on religion, and Northern Ireland-related politics. Rangers' fans are largely Protestant community, while Celtic's was largely from those of Catholic backgrounds.
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